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hut one opening 046
hut one opening 002   Mounting the exhibition   Mounting the exhibition   Mounting the exhibition


Mounting the exhibition in Hut 1

Hut 1, the first step in creating Cultybraggan Camp as a Heritage Destination, opened on Saturday 29th March, 2014.

Learn about the Hut One project from the Architects (Click here or on the large picture above – a new window will open)

About the Heritage Group

This working group, formed in 2012, invites anyone with an interest in the unique heritage of Comrie, and its surrounding area, to propose, discuss and implement ways of managing and promoting our historical resources. Current members represent a range of interests, from community archaeology and art to the history of Scottish railways and military. We are lucky enough to count prominent members of local groups and societies as members and a wide range of regional heritage groups as supporters.

We aim to:

  • develop awareness of local heritage sites and encourage their recognition, protection and preservation
  • engage with all stakeholders, encouraging the investment of research and resources in Comrie’s heritage
  • record and promote the interests and concerns of the local community
  • collate and make available all kinds of relevant historical information
  • support and develop multi-disciplinary community heritage and education projects
  • foster an open approach to heritage and the value it offers to communities and individuals
  • develop partnerships with local schools and societies, as well as heritage and educational groups on a national and international scale

Our key project and goal has changed as our Group has grown and developed. The multi-use Heritage and Futures Centre, originally envisioned is no longer in the frame. But many of the aspirations of that idea have been transmuted into a more organic development process. Rather than a grand expensive new build project, the group now plans to engage with the village via events like the Tea Dance to learn what it is that excites our potential visitors and what it is that inspires our volunteers.

Tour of the Camp

Tour of the Camp during the 2013 Open Day pass the allotments and concrete firing range.

The March to the Camp

The March to the Camp passes through the centre of the village

Our plans for research around our collective stories from the past and the future and to be an economically sustainable community resource. Exhibitions will be diverse, covering the historical value of Cultybraggan Camp as a purpose-built WWII Prisoner of War; the rich social and physical heritage of Comrie village; the relationship between Comrie community and Cultybraggan Camp through time; the environmental work of Comrie Development Trust and how sustainable living today can learn from the past.

Much of the current information has been collected by the The Local History Group, whose publication ‘Camp 21’ provides a concise and informative history of Cultybraggan Camp. We hope to expand upon this to include stories and sites from the village and its surroundings. Locals and visitors are encouraged to get in touch to share their stories or knowledge with the working group. Little bits of village history, folklore or family trees could well lead to new ways of understanding and presenting Comrie’s heritage so please get in touch.

Open Day PosterA series of events are planned to promote these projects. Fun and informative opportunities for everyone to learn more about local heritage and to get involved with the project in a number of different ways. We kicked off with a 1940s themed Tea Dance in early 2013 and followed up with a very successful Open Day in June where the star performance was a re-enactment of the POW march from the site of the old Comrie Railway Station to the Camp. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Fiona Davidson: 01764 670769

Information about the group and its projects will be included in CDT’s bulletins and newsletters and is also promoted on Cultybraggan Camp’s Facebook page: If you require any further information or want to get involved in the group or a specific project, please feel free to get in touch using the Facebook page or through the CDT Office on 01764 670769 or

We are completely open to all comments, criticisms and suggestions and rely on your input and support to keep our work on track so please get in touch if you have anything to say!

Events in 2014

Prisoners - re-enactment

Prisoners – PoW  re-enactment


Craig Family

Craig Family at Heritage Centre Opening


Serving up a treat maid Elaine Davidson and butler Ray McMaster

Serving up a treat maid Elaine Davidson and butler Ray McMaster